FPT Software is a member of FPT Corporation.

In 1988, FPT was founded by 13 young scientists with the desire to build “a company guided by technological innovations, committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, contributing to the nation’s prosperity and providing its employees with the most favorable work environment possible, enabling them to reach their full potential in terms of their careers and personal lives.”

Thanks to continuous innovation and pioneering spirit in bringing the most optimal technology products/ solutions/ services to its customers, FPT has developed robustly in recent years. FPT becomes the largest ICT company in the private sector in Vietnam with more than 32,000 employees, including 13,695 technology experts, engineers, developers and presents in 5 continents, 33 countries in the world. FPT is also the leader in several business areas in Vietnam: Software outsourcing; System integration; Software development; IT services; Technology product distribution, etc.

In the past 30 years, FPT has not only pioneered in building and developing Vietnamese-branded software; applying technology to life, creating benefits to people and businesses; modernizing national backbone industries; providing young people with education and practical training, but also been the leader in the sector of software export, contributed in bringing Vietnamese wisdom to the world. In Vietnam, most of the large information systems in state agencies and key economic sectors of Vietnam are built and developed by FPT.

In Industry 4.0, FPT is the pioneer in researching and developing new technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc. FPT is also the pioneer company in Vietnam when being in partnership with world leading technology corporations such as GE (Predix), Siemens (MinSphere), Airbus (Skywise), Amazon AWS, etc., to create the most advanced digital platforms.

FPT’s position have been recognized worldwide and confirmed by a customer list comprising more than 550 large corporations in the world, nearly 80 of which is listed in the Global Fortune 500. Several big names can be mentioned: Toshiba, Hitachi, Airbus, Deutsche Bank, Unilever, Panasonic, etc.

With the direction of pioneering in R&D and application of the latest technology trends, FPT will continue pioneering in digital transformation, applying new technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT to develop technology solutions such as smart transportation, smart healthcare, e-government, etc. FPT sets the targets of reaching USD 1 billion in revenue from overseas markets and becoming a leading global corporation in providing smart services in Vietnam by 2020.


FPT’s culture is encapsulated in 6 words: “Respectful – Innovative – Team-spirited – Objective – Exemplary – Wise”, in which:

“RESPECTFUL – INNOVATIVE – TEAM-SPIRITED” means “Respect individual – Innovative spirit – Team spirit” are the values that all FPT members shares together.

“OBJECTIVE – EXEMPLARY – WISE” means “Objectiveties –  Exemplarity – Wisdom” are the values FPT leaders must possess.



During the 4th industrial revolution – the digital revolution, FPT will be the pioneer in the digitization trend via development, application and self transformation. the firm not only improves but also brings many new practical applications, helping customer improve efficiency as well as have new experience.


  • FPT acttaches special importance to technology, products, services and infrastructure based on SMAC, IoT and Digital transformation.
  • FPT increases investment, improving the quality of technology experts, building a creative work environment.
  • FPT aims to develop activities for the technology community, thereby building sustainable technology ecosystem.


  • FPT attaches special importance to technology platforms and infratucture systems.
  • Digitalizing services, products and solutions.
  • Building strong relationships with partners.
  • Developing synchronization solutions, new business models, thereby enhancing the customer experience and increase the business efficiency and sales.
  • Launching FPT Ventures, FPT Accelerator to strongly supporting startups, thereby building the technology ecosystem in which FPT plays a role as bridge.


FPT has been promoting the development of highly applicable technology products and services bases on new technologies such as Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility, etc.

Some outstanding solutions:

Big Data: FPT Data Management Platform (DMP), Fraud Detection, Personalized eCom, etc.

Security: CyRadar

Cloud: FPT Public Cloud, Citus Cloud Suite, etc.

AI: FPT Drive, Home Security, etc.

IoT: Rogo Alpha, Smart Transportation, ADAS, etc.

Mobility: FPT Play, eMobiz, etc.

eCommerce: Sendo, etc.

Smart solution: eHospital, eGorverment, etc.

FPT has strong relationships with technology giants in the world to develope and offer high-tech products and services to customers worldwide. FPT is now Gold partner Microsoft; Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS); GE Predix Early Adopter, etc.


With its presence in 33 countries, FPT can simultaneously use both inside and outside resources to most efficiently provice services/ solutions to customer.

In Vietnam, FPT provides services to 63/63 provices and cities. FPT has also constantly expanded globally to a current presence in 33 countries in 5 continents:

America: Canada, America

Australia: Australia, New Zealand

Africa: Mozambique

Europe: England, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary. Norway, Findland, Turkey.

Asia: Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Phillipines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Brunei, taiwan, Timor, Vietnam.


FPT provides overall IT solutions in four areas of Technology, Telecommunications, Distribution and Retail, Education and others, with 08 member companies:


FPT Building, No.17 Duy Tan Street, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84 24 7300 7300

Fax: +84 24 37687410


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